Aussiedoodle Waiting Lists

Hill Country Canines reserves the right to pick of the litter, on any litter.



Miniature Size Litter 

1st Pick:   Wood Family- Female 

2nd Pick:  Lynn Family- Female 

3rd Pick:  Dutton Family - Female 

4th Pick:  Banwarth Family- N.P. 

5th Pick: Utterback Family-N.P. 

6th Pick: Hendricks Family- Male

7th Pick: Iverson Family- Female

8th Pick: Unzeitig family - nP

9th Pick:  Melvin Family - NP

10th Pick: 

Standard Size Litter

1st Pick: Cahuayme Family - Female

2nd Pick: Bergeson-No Preference

3rd Pick: Hoerster Family- Female

4th Pick: Strickland family-No Preference

5th Pick:  Hays family - female

6th Pick:  

7th Pick:  

8th Pick:  

9th Pick: 

10th Pick:

11th Pick:

12th Pick:

13th pick:

14th Pick:

15th Pick:

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