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The Aussiedoodle breed is a gorgeous combination of Australian Shepherd and Poodle. This breed inherits the desirable qualities of both parents- hypoallergenic, intelligent, social, and energetic. Even better, they look like real, live teddy bears. With their amazing disposition, Aussiedoodles make wonderful family pets, and therapy dogs.  


Hello! We're the Hudson Family, & we are located in the beautiful Hill Country of Mason, Texas. As a family, we are so pleased to be back in the sweet little town that we grew up in. We have been in California the last few years serving our beloved country under the direction of the United States Marine Corps. Now, we are delighted to once again, call Mason home. We have since begun the wonderful and fulfilling task of producing quality puppies.

We raise both Standard and Miniature Aussiedoodle puppies. This breed is very intelligent, wonderful as a family pet, and can even be trained as a  therapy support animal.

Having been raised on a working ranch, we at Hill Country Canines, understand the importance of starting with quality breeding stock to ensure puppies that are of sound body and temperament. 

It would be our honor to provide you with your next furry family member.

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